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Q-nexus: a comprehensive and efficient analysis pipeline designed for ChIP-nexus
Hansen, Peter; Hecht, Jochen; Ibn-Salem, Jonas; Menkuec, Benjamin S.; Roskosch, Sebastian; Truss, Matthias; Robinson, Peter N.
Chromatin immunoprecipitation
Duplication rates
Library complexity
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Jerković, Ivana; Ibrahim, Daniel Murad; Andrey, Guillaume; Haas, Stefan A.; Hansen, Peter; Janetzki, Catrin; González Navarrete, Irene, 1983-; Robinson, Peter N.; Hecht, Jochen; Mundlos, Stefan
Stadhouders, Ralph; Vidal Ocabo, Enrique; Serra, François; Di Stefano, Bruno, 1984-; Le Dily, François; Quilez Oliete, Javier; Gómez, Antonio; Collombet, Samuel; Berenguer, Clara; Cuartero, Yasmina; Hecht, Jochen; Filion, Guillaume; Beato, Miguel; Martí Renom, Marc A.; Graf, T. (Thomas)